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1 Female nude strumming a string instrument 19 Two very elongated nudes
2  Nude playing a piano 20 Female profile, hands crossed, leaning on a chair
3 Very large orange and blue hands playing a thrombone 21 Mother with child at breast
4 Neck and shoulders only showing of a musician in black 22 Female sitting on floor, leaning against a wall
5 Musician in a tux, big blue hands. Yellow background.One leg shown 23 Female nude sitting, back view
6 Suffering face, forehead, hand with wedding ring. Green/grey tonings 24 Abstract image of nude, right breast, head leaning back
7 Hands holding egg, fetus sucking thumb, little toes 25 Female sitting on floor, view from back, holding left ankle
8 Telephone poles, central swirl, bright colours of the outback 26 Nude female sitting, cloth on knee
9 A colourful scene of an old city 27 Female nude, left hand touching floor
10 woman in black dress, holding wine glass 28 Three nudes on one page
11 Female lying on stomach, reading a book 29 Female head, torso, partial view of face
12 Large yellow 'fortress', three nuns walking up to it 30 Male nude, squatting on floor
13 Three abstract nude images from waist down 31 Female nude on knees on floor
14 a daughter holding her elderly mother and father 32 Nude, back view, left hand supporting head, right knee bent over left calf
15 Angel holding ship aloft, blue/white tonings
16 Cemetary scene, small family at grave, child with candle  
17 Grieving nude sitting, hand presssed on face.background scene
 18 Bassist playing his instrument, bronze colours
 19 Nude female (Eve) tempting male (Adam) with an apple
 20 Large canvas size hand with long red fingernails